Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

Life is a journey. A journey towards your goal. We all have some or other goals. Some have goals with relationships, some in academics with some. Even in business, we set our goals, but only a few manages to score one. Many keep running and slogging, but gold remains far away from them.

This is because either we are running in the wrong direction or we are not self-motivated. Here are three steps which can lead you to your goal very quickly and efficiently.


1. Habitual.

Identify the activities which are must to attend the goal. Identify all those activities which can support your goals and make them habitual. For example, let’s say you want to become better in your study.

Dedicate a couple of hours in the morning. Make study plans and make them your habit. If you want to reduce your weight, then develop a habit of eating at the right time, in the right quantity and the right manner.

Bring discipline in what you want to put in your mouth. The best way to practice would be practice for 21 days regularly.

It is proved in research that one person does anything regularly for 21 days without stop. Then the 22nd day becomes a natural thing for you.


2. Eliminate

Stay away from all the distractions as you start your new habits. The old habits are going to distract you and drag you back. But try to be away from all the possible distractions.

Tenting things will keep on appearing in front of you, but it’s only you who has to minimize the exposure of such a thing. Overindulgence in the sensory activities is one of the biggest distractions and an obstacle to your goal.

So focusing on the work that matters are highly important.

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3. Relish

Most of the time we work hard but don’t work. Happy happiness integrates your system. It harmonizes all your five dimensions physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and biological.
Your entire system then works to achieve the goal. To be happy is like a catalyst which accelerates you towards your goal.


Life is a journey and takes happiness along with you. So develop right habits and stay away from the irrelevant activities towards your goal.

And most importantly, be cheerful all the time.

That’s All

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By Anrudh

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