Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

Now, most people think extroverts are basically confident and the ones who are introverts are basically not confident. Science proves it otherwise. In fact, the extroverts go out of their way to make everyone believe that they’re confident.

But if you chat with them further, you’ll realize they actually do not have self-belief. While the introverts the soft-spoken, quiet ones. So if you are the introverted, soft-spoken being, not to worry. Confidence is a wonderful skill that you can learn.

Again, people think that people are born with confidence. Look at that actor look at this singer,  They are so confident, they love talking about their work. They just simply talk about their ideas anywhere.

But the truth is, confidence is not a quality that you’re born with. Confidence is just a skill, a talent that you can learn. Just like you learn the computer. In the same way, you can learn confidence also. Why people afraid to speak in front of others?

Because people are just always nervous. They are nervous of being let down. They’re nervous of hearing a no.

Firstly, rejection is just a matter of choice. So in the same way, we have to tell our beautiful mind, let’s not take rejection personally, it’s just a matter of choice. The second reason why is it that you get scared if people will laugh?

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Oh, my goodness, my investor. I really need the money for this project. Let me go and talk to him. let it be. Why does the fear stop us? Well, it’s not the fear, it’s actually the negative thought patterns that have become a habit.

So basically, confidence is all about never giving up, always showing up, always putting your hand up and saying, Teacher, can I answer, please? So let’s learn. How can we build confidence in our lives?

1. Trick the brain when it’s thinking negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts become a habit. So you need to now form a habit of jolting your brain every time you start to think negative thoughts. And they could be any kind of negative thoughts.

For example, you’re sitting in a meeting and listening to your boss. Suddenly boss talking to someone else. and your focus goes to some different direction. I don’t think my boss likes me. Why was my husband so extra happy this morning?

Immediately tell yourself, hey, Raga, stop the negative thinking because this will become a habit. Now, what you’ve done is you’ve jolted your brain, especially the basal ganglia. This is the part of the brain that actually houses all the negative habits. And now you’ve brought the focus back to the prefrontal cortex where you can now affirm positive thoughts.

2. Affirm With a Positive Body Posture

Now, science research says that a high-powered body language posture actually decreases stress and decreases fear. So every time you affirm something positive to stand tall, chin up, chest out and say, I am positive, I am fearless, I am brave.

And you know, science research said when you’re nervous and when you’re excited, the body symptoms are the same.

How exciting that means. Same as your forehead starts to sweat, your mouth gets dry, you start to pace, you get very anxious but excited as well. So next time you’re fearful and nervous just affirm I’m not nervous I’m just nervously excited because science proves it

3. Form the habit of Being Fearless

So now How do we build this habit of being confident? Well, by doing three things daily that make you feel brave. That makes you feel fearless.

It could be as silly as hey, I’m really nervous about cooking I’m going to Cook today. I’m really nervous about that roller coaster ride.

Ok, let’s go to the roller coaster ride.  you know what.  What is life without confidence you are brilliant and the world needs to know how brilliant you are because you’re braver than you believe Stronger than you seem and smarter than you feel.

Good luck.

By Anrudh

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