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More than words, A personality speaks by itself. When we want to give jobs to an employee, we don’t just see the degrees and this and that.

That’s a small little thing. But actually, it’s personality. When we get married to somebody, we see a personality in a partner. And so we should understand that. How do we develop a good personality? I know we had one watchman here. Simple man.

Anybody who enters, he would do Namaste. But he was so much light by everybody. Because the way in which he would present himself, the way in which he would speak, the way in which he would show the respect, people would just love him.

Somehow we have to understand this. That how do I project myself to the world? That counts more than my knowledge or any other thing. In order to develop our personality,

We have to first develop ourselves. So now let us understand how to go ahead with developing our personality, developing our self. I will give you four tips.

1. Smile

A smile is precious. A smile is something which makes your entire appearance beautiful and perfect. There was one lady who used to be a newsreader and she would always have a good smile when she would read the newsletter.

Now his son, when they asked mother that, Mother, how much do you get, how much you are paid for your work? And mother said, why are you asking that?

She said, that the way in which you are speaking. That smile I want to see in the house, in the house, you are always shouting and frowning.

There is no smile. I would pay you that much. And you smile for me. Look at the whole thing here. Even a motherhood gets affected if smile is not there, even an employee, if he is not smiling, his work is affected. Everything gets affected if smile is not there.

So use your smile to change the world. And more importantly, use your smile to change yourself.

2. Exercise

The body has to be really fit. You should present a fit, healthy personality, not a sick and diseased personality. So see to it that you take care of your body. You make body good, slim, trim, healthy, Swift, full of energy and so walking, running, climbing, very, very active in doing the work.

All this you have to do with smiling, meditation, walking, climbing, running. All these things are so important to keep your body fit. You are only one workout away from good mode.

3. Learn

Always be in a learning state. Whatever situation occurs, be in a learning state. Always learn some good books. Read something good. Listen to people who have more wisdom about life, about that work which you are doing. Try and see that you discuss these methods.

Think, analyze, dissect all those words which are used when they have been explaining things well. Try and see that you develop your intellect.

We have these two things with us intellect and emotions for emotions we have a smile for intellect we have this knowledge so use knowledge bring more and more knowledge start forming a habit of reading at least for half an hour every day read some new books start and discuss about these things listen to  some discussions try and be with those people who

are thinking type who are analyzing type increase more and more knowledge about life about living, about work and that would build up a beautiful personality.

4. Friendliness

So far whatever we did was for self now we have to do something with others how to deal with others we should know that well friendly doesn’t mean that making

more and more friends it is an attitude of being helpful of being caring simple act opening a door for somebody to sit or trying to carry some weight when somebody has more weight or playing with a child.

when a child is creating problem for parents or any of some simple act which doesn’t look like anything but they really help somebody’s paper is fallen down you just pick up and give it such simple act can also make a difference in your personality we hold infinite potential self-development is a neverending process.

We have to go on working on ourselves follow these four tips to develop your personality smile, exercise, learn and friendliness them go on working on these things and it would be lovely to be a personality which would be really a personality that people will adore you

That All

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