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In one of the football matches in the African Cup of Nations, the host country were leading 4- 0 into the game. The win seemed obvious. The trailing team made a miraculous comeback and scored four goals within the last eleven minutes and the game was dropped. The host nation took 79 minutes to make four goals, but the other team made this in only eleven minutes.


With a given little time, even miracles can happen. Don’t say I don’t have time. Don’t you think that the same is the case with our life activity? We all have the same amount of time in our hand. Those 24 are. Some achieve less and some achieve more in a day. Why are some people amazingly productive even if they have the same amount of time?

The trick lies in mastering the time. Here are some fundamental aspects one must understand while handling the time.


1. Begin Early

Not only early bird gets warm, but that bird gets more warm than others. It’s a practice that is common among the successful people. Rising early assured success. This is an attitude which many find it difficult because we are used to procrastination. As the saying goes, strike the iron when it is hot.

This gives you more time to prepare your day in a calmer state and it has a huge positive impact on your productivity. Besides, it is always peaceful in the morning and that’s the bonus this gives you a head start.

The early morning is like a gold in your mouth, says Benjamin Franklin.

2. Time Pressure

You know that food gets cooked well under pressure. Some amount of pressure is very much required to bring the best out of your work. Make a timetable or a proper schedule of your upcoming time.

Challenge yourself with a little strict timeline. This shall act as a catalyst and make your performance very good.

In Mahabharat, there is a story of Bhishma Pitamaha. During the war, Arjun’s arrow went through and through Bhishma’s body and Bhishma finally fell down and was lying down on the bed of arrows. Pandavas and Krishna came to meet him and Pandavas was asked him a question that, sir, you are so wise, you have lived such a long life.

Guide us how we people should live because our life would be only 100 years here and there. And Bhishma gave a very good answer. Bhishma said, first,  keeping this body fit is your first duty. See that you don’t do anything which harms and hurts your body. Maintain its health properly.

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3. Value time

You are all born under time pressure because 100 years here and there, value time. Give it time pressure to you. Live life like an emergency, that this is the final moment and how I have to do it well. And when you start doing that, you would be successfully leading your life. But understand, excessive pressure can always create tension.

Tension brings emotions and negative emotions and that creates further more problems. Pressure is good but not the tension. Try to maintain your balance.


4. Mindful Break

Imagine you are engrossed in some work very seriously and you see that some notification has come from your friend. You look that and you start watching the photos.

Start chatting and then other friends’ notification comes and you start chatting there and you spend practically ten minutes in all these things. This becomes your entertainment time. No doubt studies have shown that this could be one of your major distractions and that would affect your product.

Instead of sitting in front of a computer or taking your cell phone try and do something physical. You are sitting at one place for a long get up, walk. Take a walk a bit in the roof for a minute and then sit or go to the window.

Look at something which is very far from you a natural view so that your optic downs are relaxed and sit or sit quietly and tell your brain to stop functioning for some time like meditation, sit and meditation do something like Asana bend forward, bent backward.

Go to the site. Stretch upwards. These little short breaks are so important if you do these things and you will see that you become very fit and capable to go ahead in life with a fresh mind, healthy body and actually good energy.

The world is accelerating with greater speed and the success comes when you adapt yourself with this world with this greater speed.

The world wants not just a person who is intelligent but a person who intelligently moves ahead with the time and produces greater results in a shorter time. So follow these time management tips, be effective and grow along with the world.

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