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In this article, we are going to share five tips that can help you increase the social sharing of your WordPress website content. So if you want to get more shares on the content of your WordPress website then this article is for you.


1. Mobile Sharing

When we have our blog post or pages ready on the WordPress site, it’s very important that we have a mobile-friendly social sharing icon. Now if you remember in the last article we have covered how you can add these icons on your mobile view as well.

And the most important part is that you not just add these social media icons on the content, you need to make sure that these icons are readily available all the time while the visitor is reading the content.

So for example in the last article, we saw that how we can add sticky social sharing icons and that will be sticking at the bottom or at the top of the web content.

So it makes it very easy for the visitors to share the content at any point of time and because most of the traffic on your website must be coming from the mobile. So it makes complete sense that you make the social sharing of your content easy on your mobile as well.


2. Incentivize Social Sharing

Now let’s consider a case where you have some freebies or maybe you are sharing some guide in form of a PDF or any sort of content.

There are various WordPress plugins that you can use so that it can block the content. So in order to read the complete content, your visitors need to share that piece of blog post or that page on their social media account so that they can continue reading the rest of the content.

Or maybe you can have it attached to a downloadable PDF or maybe any freebie that you are giving so you can log that PDF or that freebie which will be unlocked only when you share that content on the social media networks.

Now this is surely possible using some plugins in WordPress so you can incentivize sharing of your content that can help reader to get more value out of your website.

3. Click To Tweet

Now there are various places on your website where you can add some quotes or maybe some important highlighted text which people love to tweet on Twitter.

So there are various plugins and it’s also available in the Page Builders like Elementor where you can add tweetable content and as a quote or as a short line. So this will be easy for your visitors to click on that particular link and that will get tweeted with your website URL.


4. Reduced number of Social Sharing Icons

Now, this is very important and you need to identify the social media platforms where you want to get the referral traffic from. So do not put all the social media website icons on your website content or your blog post.

It doesn’t make any sense because you need to identify where your actual audience is and then use only the relevant social sharing icons.

So the most popular one are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and WhatsApp as well because people love to share content with each other on WhatsApp groups and you can also add Telegram nowadays but you need to identify what your target audience is. So for example your target audience is the B to B company owners or maybe the start-up people or maybe the people who are very active on LinkedIn.

So you need to make sure that instead of Facebook you add LinkedIn as the sharing option. So make sure you don’t overpopulate your blog post or website page with all the social icons. Do identify your target audience and then add the relevant social sharing icons.

5. Sharing While Copying

Now you must have seen that on various news websites where you can just copy the text anywhere from the website and then as soon as you select any text you get an option to share it on various social media platforms.

Now, this is very similar to Click to tweet but this one is applicable on anywhere on the website content. So you can select any relevant part of the website which you want to share or any relevant part of the blog post which you want to share on your social media platforms.

And this can easily give your visitors the ability to share or tweet that particular section on social media. So this is very popular on news sites so you can take references from them and there are various WordPress plugins that can easily implement that on your WordPress website.


So these are the five tips that you can easily implement on your WordPress website to increase the social sharing and get more referral traffic towards your business website.

So that’s it for this one and I’ll see you in the next article.

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