Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

We all know the old saying Smile it costs nothing. I would extend this sense and say, smile it costs nothing, only generous great profit. People always underestimate the power of a smile.

These days people have become stingy in using this great wealth of Smite. Many people are ready to fight crime and spread terror but instead, try to spread a smile. Smiling is infectious and one should make most of it. A smile releases happy hormones in the brain. That too. If you really feel it genuinely with it.


Mechanical smiles give no results. But a natural smile with genuine feelings can make wonder. Let’s say you are having the worst day of your life. Take a deep breath and feel the softness of your breath and bring a smile on your face.

Thinking temporary nature of your problem. Your brain will automatically release happy hormones and in no time you will start feeling better and feel calmer. You may later on notice that whatever problems you are facing, you might either accept it or find a solution to it.

You are able to manage your physical and mental pain. Smiling is like a natural drug that heals you from within. When you can find a natural way to be happy, then why take a long route when you are having the most busy day? And if some unknown person passes a smile at you, how do you feel?

You take a break from busy work and just for a fraction of seconds feel special and feel very happy. That is what a smile does to you. It makes you feel special. So try to wear this artistic duel every time and make yourself and others feel special.

When you wear a smile, it doesn’t matter how pretty your dress is. Your smile dictates all. As a matter of fact, you will look prettiest with a smile. Even in the darkest of the day. A smile should be your comeback weapon. It can be used so often that the dark clouds would feel afraid to come closer to you. A smile makes every person powerful, energized, and very confident. Its effects are limitless. There is one story in that a teacher gave a bucket full of flowers to a student and said, Give one one flower to those who smile.

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And the student went. He was in the market but he didn’t find any smiling people in the market. He came back home and he said, Teacher, I don’t find any smiling people. Everybody is under tension. And Browning teachers sent the other boys and said, Child, you try and child, within half an hour came back.

His bucket was empty. He gave the flowers to people. He was asked, how did you do that? He said, When I go in front of somebody, first I smile. And when I smile, that opposite person smiles, and then I give the flower to him. It’s the power of smile. People are tense, people are worried.

But you smile and you will bring a smile on somebody else’s face and you would bring health and relaxation in somebody so understand the power of a smile and try to utilize this nonperishable thing in a lifetime.

By Anrudh

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