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In this article, we are going to talk about some of the most popular keyword research tools that you can use in your next organic SEO project. So if that sounds interesting then let’s dive in.

We are going to talk about some of the most popular keyword research tools that you can use for your next organic SEO project. So the one that we will cover in this article are either free or they have a free trial available

So that you can do your keyword research in the trial itself. So let’s start

1.  Google Ads Keyword Planner

Yes, hardly anyone uses that but that can give you a pretty good idea to start with your organic SEO. And why not? We are trying to rank in Google search engine results and who can give us better data than Google tools itself.

It can easily help you get some keyword ideas and then you can create your own form of long tail keywords out of it and then create your organic SEO around it.

Just go ahead and check out all these keywords and see how you can use these keywords to create your own form of long-tail keywords. So go ahead and try to enter your keywords here and see how it works for you.

Now in order to use this keyword tool you might need to create an ad campaign so you don’t have to spend any money on that. Just create a campaign and just pause it. And then you will be able to use this keyword planner tool. You need to just go to the tools and here at the bottom, you will find the keyword planner. So I personally feel that it’s a pretty good tool that you can begin with.


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2. Uber Suggest By Neil Patel

We have already covered this tool in our previous article you can easily enter your competitor website domain here and you will get a list of top-performing organic keywords and then you can use those keywords to create your own form of long-tail keywords and then create SEO content around it.

So this tool gives you a pretty good amount of keywords. There are limitations that you can do in the free tool. But again it’s pretty good for you if you are just starting up and if you don’t want to spend anything on the paid tools.

3. Keyword Everywhere

Now, this tool is very interesting. It is in form of a browser extension and whenever you search anything on Google Chrome or in Firefox it will show you the data about that keyword and it will also show you some related keywords around that keyword that you are searching.

It shows the trend in the google search result. Below that we have a very interesting section here. It shows related keywords and after that it shows people also search for.

So it’s a kind of related keywords or you have a separate section for Longtail keywords as well and you get all this data for free and even if you go with the paid plans they are pretty cheap.

4. AnswerthePublic.com

This is a very powerful tool for long-tail keywords. So let’s say we want to search for a wedding planner. Let’s click on Search and this is giving us 366 results for wedding planners and it shows the keyword research in this kind of a weird diagram and here you will find all the questions people are asking related to a wedding planner. And this is a huge resource if you want to target long tail keywords which is based on

answering people’s questions and the websites which can answer those questions do get ranked higher. So this tool is very powerful and the list goes on and on.

You can go ahead and scroll down and you will get a lot of questions. You will also get that in alphabetical order. So that’s a huge resource of free keywords that you can get from this tool.

Next in our list is actually a paid tool which is new in the market but when you enter any keyword or any website detail here you get pretty good information from this as well and it is very similar like the tools that we have seen in our a previous article like spyfoo.com or similar Web.com

This tool is very similar to that you need to enter your competitor URL or keywords so you can say that it’s very similar to Uber suggest and most of the other tools like ahref or SEM rush so all these tools were pretty much the same. You need to enter the keyword or the competitor URL and you will get all the details about it.

So these are some of the tools that I use to do keyword research. Most of them are free or they have a free trial so you can go ahead and start doing your keyword research using these tools and for a bigger, if you don’t want to spend anything on the paid tools these tools can give you a very long list of keywords to begin with so you can easily get a long list of keywords, create your own version of long-tail keywords out of them and then start implementing the content marketing around it.

So that’s it for this one and I’ll see you in the next one.

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