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Hindutva movie

Hindutva Chapter ONE – Main Hindu Hoon

Release date :- 7th October,2022
Producers :- Subhash Chand / Sachin Chaudhary / Kamlesh Godnia / Jatinder Kumar
Director :- Karan Razdan
Writer :- karan Razdan

Main cast :-

  1. Aashiesh Sharma as Bharat Shastri
  2. Sonarika Bhadoria as Sapna Gupta
  3. Ankit Raj as Sameer Siddique
  4. Deepika Chikhlia as Gurumaa
  5. Anup Jalota as Pandit Ji
  6. Agast Anand as Maulana

Composer :- Ravi Shankar
Cinematographer: – Pradeep S. Khanvilkar
Editor :- Ragesh Pandey

Budget :- 10 Crores
The budget of movie hindutva has reached up to 10 crores out of which around 5 crores was used as production cost and the cost of printing while the other five crores were used in the advertisement

Review :-
As the name suggest the movie hindutva is totally based upon the fact that Hinduism in India is mayor only a feeling among the people in the heart and there are constantly many non Hindu organisations whose objective are only to divide the country based upon the religion this movie is basically a story of two childhood friends Bharat Shastri and Sameer Siddiquie who played with each other in the childhood enjoyed each others festival together at the others places like Sameer Siddiqui went on Diwali at Bharat place while Bharat enjoy the festival of Eid at Sameer place and now when they are grown up Sameer and Bharat both are driven into the clutches of the religious mindset where these two students of JNU have tried to run against each other for the position of the college president where its nothing but the religious and s of both Sameer and Bharat came to a clash in the trailer we are also soon that Sameer has joined hands with sum of the terrorist as said by Sapna Gupta in the trailer itself

This competition of becoming the college president have made both Sameer and Bharat from childhood friends to enemies and now Sameer has even tried to murder Bharat showing it as an accident this movie playlist speaks out today’s Hindus position in the society and how they are being molested without any reason like as shown in the trailer that if Hindus are made to run away from India then there is no country that will support them which is true in all points since many countries has strict policies against Hindus.

In the end I would like to conclude by saying if you are a Hindu you must go and watch this movie it will surely open your eyes that what might not be happening to you but is happening to the other person of the same religion as you.

Thank you

By Anrudh

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