Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

It is often said that in order to be successful, you must have a strong sense of focus. Every successful person in the world has one thing in common which is that ability to maintain optimum level of focus.

A kid needs focus for his academic success. Adults need focus. Senior citizens need focus. Concentration and focus is an essential ability. So understand, why do we lose focus?

Because you haven’t made focus as your attitude. Yes, focus should become your attitude. We lose our focus or get disturbed easily, or we deviate from our goals only because focus hasn’t become your inherent attitude. So how can you make focus your attitude?

The ability of focus can change into an attitude only when focus derives from these two important factors.

1. Discipline

Every activity may be small or big as discipline associated with it. Walking, sitting, typing, eating, talking all activities that you do have that discipline associated with it.

When you choose to follow discipline in any activity from small to big, you become habitually focused. Even in the simple task of the day, we should be able to keep a high level of focus.

One simple example which I always give is while brushing your teeth, your full attention should be in your mouth, attending to every tooth properly rather than brushing with a half sleepy state or roaming around and thinking of anything else.

You should be aware of how well you brush your teeth from front, from your back, canine, and so on, how many times you move your brush, and how every tooth is really clean.

If you can’t maintain a complete focus on such a basic task, then how could you expect focus to do on difficult tasks? Maintaining discipline in the simplest of tasks will help you in developing your ability to focus and this ability will turn into an attitude and this you can carry all day long.

2. Duty Consciousness

When you perform your duty with a sense of responsibility, you are able to maintain optimum focus. Maintaining duty consciousness will allow you to focus full day, no matter what challenges come across.

That is why the concept of duty is very strong in Indian philosophy. Every moment, wherever you are, ask yourself, what is your duty in this moment?

And focus on that. Such an attitude will transform into an attitude of focus and then the focus will remain 100% in every way. When the focus becomes your attitude, you definitely have success.

Don’t do any action halfheartedly as well as pay attention to the reason for focus. There are two kinds of focus based on motivation behind your concentration. Some concentrations are motivated by attachment or glorification of ego, but your focus should not derive from these negative tendencies.

All focus derived from such negative tendency will be short-lived and focus can never become your habit.

Your focus must be motivated from discipline and duty and in this manner, you will be able to achieve focus on all the activities you perform throughout the day. Understand one simple rule that be sincere in whatever you are doing in life and that would help you to remain focused more from such habit in life that whatever you do you will be doing with full sincerity and focus is bound to be there.

Every work you do should be a duty-bound work that will make you to feel happy, successful and you’ll be able to perform very well in all the activities of your life.

By Anrudh

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