Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

Right from our childhood, we have been told that the main purpose of our life is to feel fulfilled and happy. Isn’t it? Our parents and elders tell us everyone should have clarity in his life.

You should know what you need in life to feel fulfilled and happy. When we achieve a sense of fulfillment, then we automatically feel happy and we spread happiness around. We attain inner peace. That is something which we all want. But many people feel directionless in their life.

They don’t feel fulfilled. They keep on searching for something or other for happiness and usually, they are unable to do so. They don’t find happiness. What is that which is lacking in their life? Only desiring will not help you to reach to the fulfillment stage. You will have to carve the path for that. But many don’t even know where to start.

You should not focus on objects for the fulfillment, but rather on dimension. And then you will attend fulfillment, contentment, and happiness. Yes, dimensions.

These dimensions are going to define our lives. They give us direction and also a meaning to live. So today we are going to discuss about the four dimensions of our life to feel happy and fulfilled.

These four dimensions mentioned in our Indian philosophy should be our objective.

1. Focus on your health.

Understand that we are supposed to first remain healthy and fit. The mind has to be very much observant. Mind should be positive to see that body and mind remains healthy.

What we need is to see that mentally and physically we are healthy, fit, and time. Focusing on health will bring clarity in your life and you will achieve what you want. Body and mind should remain healthy all the time.

Only when we are physically fit, then only we can pay complete attention to our work. A healthy and disease-free body is what is required and such a body will help us to achieve any task successfully.

In today’s time, mental health has become very crucial. We focus on what to feed our body, but we forget to understand what we are feeding to our minds. Negative thoughts will lead to several health issues.

A stable mind will always avoid negative thoughts, destructive thoughts, and such a mind will allow us to remain more focused in our life and focus will lead to enhanced intelligence and success in our lives. All this traditionally is called as Dharma.


2. Focusing on Financial Stability

Financial stability is important also because we have to have all those things that we want to take care of self to take care of family, society, nation, everywhere. Finance is required, so we need to earn money. I have noticed that some people get stuck with only this dimension in their life.

They want more and more Greediness is different than stability. So try and understand that money is not everything. Many other things are equally important. Only living to earn means you are not living at all.

Understand. With money, you can’t buy happiness, love, health, good sleep, a good environment, good people around. Money has its own limitations. So just living to earn money is a totally wrong concept.

Money should be earned with hard work and with honesty. Money should be used very systematically and person should see that. Try and use money not just for self and for family, but even for others.

Those who don’t have money help them out. Those who are working very hard, yet they are not successful in gaining more money. You should help such hardworking people and see to it that the world becomes a very comfortable place.


3. Focus on recreation.

Life would be beautiful, would be worth living, would be joyful. If you are having recreation in your day to day activities, recreation helps you to channelize your energy, it helps you to remain positive,

it helps you to enjoy everything around. It helps you to be more creative in life. And all this would help you to be happy and healthy. Being stuck every day in mundane activity will make you dull and lethargic you will be drained out in energy. So this change of work, change of routine is very much required and here is the place of recreational activity.

A person must spend some time either on reading some wonderful book, in gig and writing or singing or dancing or any creative activities or playing some games and so on. But some time should be spent on such activity which makes you feel wow, I just enjoyed it. Understand.

Go out from your day-to-day routine, explore new places, meet new people, try new paths, not the same known path. So live life in such a way that you will have expanded your horizon and you will really learn in any case, but relax and understand your place in the world.

4. Focus on service.

Society is important for you. You are here because society is cooperating with you. A little food which you want in your plate. So many people are working for that. That’s why you get that little food. The farmer is doing a farmer’s job. Engineers are doing their job. Laborers are doing their job. See the whole world is there to help you.

Don’t just live for me and mine. You have to live even for others as they are doing service to you. This will give you a deeper meaning of life when you find that you are useful for others. When you feel that your life is worthwhile and you feel really happy,

the happiness and helping others is far more than buying a car which you wanted or furniture which you wanted. So try and see that you are useful for others for your happiness. Understand that in life we are supposed to be progressive.

How I am living today, tomorrow I should be a little bit better than that. This progressive life is our responsibility and that is called as Moksha in yoga. We all human beings since we are born we are supposed to be better and better and come

to a stage which is a godhood state and that is what is possible only when you are living these types of life which we have mentioned these four dimensions which we have mentioned traditionally, they are called as Dharma, Arth, Kaam, and Moksha. Every individual is supposed to do these four things in their day to day life we have to focus on

doing our duty in life so do that well and you will definitely feel fulfilled by doing your duty you will know different priorities in your life and you will even know how to achieve what you really wish to achieve in life systematically and you will understand what is the right path to attend so in life be hardworking,

be sincere be true to yourself do your duty systematically without any grudge, without any calculation try and live life with all these four dimensions keeping in mind and naturally you will be both successful since you are living your life holistically you are not just focusing on one or another all these four dimensions are very important in life

And live life systematically everything would be achieved by you whatever you want you’ll be able to reach them to take care do your job well do your duties well

That’s All

Thank You & Have A Nice Day!!

By Anrudh

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