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The Hulk is a marvel character, who was originally a physisict named Dr. Bruce Banner. A PHD holder in 7 subjects one of them was Gama radiation. Once when he was researching upon one of his experiments due to calculation mistakes the whole research facility in a distinct desert was going to have a major blast. Thanks to the emergency alarm everyone including the Bruce escaped but there was one youngster in the middle of the desert near the research facility trying to improve some of his motorcycle stunts caught Bruce’s sight, he soon rushed to save that kid it was then when the huge blast full of Gama radiation occurred. Though Bruce was able to save that kid from the radiation but unfortunately got caught in it.

And it was then that people saw nothing but a huge sand storm full of Gama radiation and a large green rock type structure thrown out of the dust. That thing hit the land about 2 km away from the dust strom. Which turned out to be a very heavily built, muscular and huge green coloured monster roaring and jumping from one sand dune to another and almost covering a distance upto 1 km to 2 km. After sometime he actually hot calm and his body started to shrink taking the form of a human and losing its green colour. Then eventually it was clear to us the monster was no other than Dr. Bruce Banners.

He laid there unconscious for around 4-5 hours and by the he gained his consciousness back it was the night time. Bruce was very shocked to see himself alive after witnessing such a dangerous and dreadfull explosion full of Gama rays, what he was more shocked of was the fact that there was not a single scratch on his body. But due to the explosion heat all his clothes were burnt to ashes luckily he found himself at the outskirts of a small Western-American city were he got some of the clothes from rope in someone’s garden which were put to be dried. He managed to get to a bar were he tried to call one of his friends. On hearing that his friend was on the way for rescue he decided to stay at a the bar.

While having a drink a drunkard tried to pick up a fight stared insulting him upon his looks and his sens eof wearing clothes when Bruce started to get angry and to him it seemed that his size was increasing and then he became unconscious.

About 4 blocks left from the bar people saw a man in his car flying above their head, and smoke and an orange coloured light rising from the area near the bar, and load roars like a wild animal could be heard. When the cops arrived they saw a green coloured, 9 feet tall heavily built muscular bodied man causing all this destruction.

So this was the first we saw the Hulk in both the comics as well the movies. Currently, there are two types of entertainments available in the form of Hulk i.e. the movies and the comics :

In comics as there is no limit to the amount of destruction that can be shown the power of hulk shown there is unbeatable by any hero or vilian, because of his advantage that he grows stronger and stronger the more he gets angry. With such an ability he became the third most powerful hero on Earth after Sentry at the top and Black bolt at the second position. He is shown such powerful and fearless that he can fight anyone head on not matter where the fight is actually taking place.

In the event of “World War Hulk”, hulk deafened the Black Bolt, Dr. Strange in his peak form, all the members of fantastic four, Iron Man and went toe to toe with the Sentry, and was so much powerful that when he moved his steps the whole new York city was going under Earthquakes with its effects.

In movies the personality of Hulk is shown nothing but like angry child in the movie “The Avengers (2012)”. Here they have not shown hulk with his monstrous power except for one scene only. While in the movie “The Age of Ultron (2015)”, here also the character of hulk was very silent he got beaten by Iron man so easily and passed out. In the movie “Thor Ragnarok” here also only one scene is good for the Hulk fans where Hulk is fighting with the Thor still the the fight didn’t last long where we cannot see Hulk much in action he even got bitten by the wolf of Hella and got newly defeated by it.

Moving on to the most disgrace full fight of Hulk was with thanos in the movie “The Infinity war (2018)”where we got a glance of the Hulk in comics but was soon over power by thanos and in the rest of the movie we didn’t see any fight where Hulk came out he was to scared to come out because of the fare of thanos. Because till now the rights of Hulk were not with the ncu they were with Sony the MCU was not able to show the full power of Hulk but now since the ncu have purchase all the rights of Hulk now we might get some action from Hulk like that of the comics which becomes very clear when he goes on the spaceship to Sarkar in the show “She-ulk Attorney at Law” which might come to the start of “The World War Hulk” or “The Planet Hulk”.

By Anrudh

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