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It seems like a huge mystery that some people are quite successful in their life whereas others in spite of putting lots of hard work putting too much effort yet they can’t achieve the same type of success in their life what is that one thing which all of these successful people have in common what is their secret every successful person spends at least 30 to 40 minutes of silence in the morning this quiet period in the morning is dedicated to themselves and they make every effort to remain silent in all their activities which they perform in the morning


Which are meditating practicing self-introspection walking enjoying nature beginning their morning routines and planning their day’s schedule and so on so how does maintaining silence in the morning contribute to success.


1. Enhances self-Reflection

It enhances self-reflection silence is a wonderful technique to enhance self-reflection it activates multiple parts of the brain when a person maintains silence it keeps away all the unnecessary distractions automatically and so focus and concentration improve all these things leads to self-awareness successful people are always mindful and they remain in a present moment all the time and that is the secret of their success


2. Enriches Creativity

Creativity is a crucial part of life and silence is the crucial part of the creative process successful people are highly innovative in their work which separates them from competition being quiet in the morning helps to stimulate their creative mind and this allows a flow of creative ideas throughout the day silence also helps in the development of new brain cells which helps in improving productivity


3. Elevates Patience

Everyone in today’s world is always in a hurry and the hurry is for almost everything because for this hectic and fast lifestyle majority of people are always angry when impatient takes control of you then the person is unable to take any systematic decisions in life this type of behavior naturally is going to affect your personal and professional life very badly staying in silence allows successful people to remain level headed all the time which further allows them to make sound decision at work and also keeping calm the manure while interacting with people

4. Improves Health

Apart from all these mind benefits person gets benefited at body level health level and that is an absolutely important person is also supposed to remain physically healthy all the time free from diseases free from physical problems also good health is so very important because then only you can focus on your work and achieve something being silent decreases your heart rate and steady your breathing it reduces muscle tension and so on.

If you want to reach a greater level of accomplishment then learn to live in a silent way in the morning don’t get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life the moment you wake up instead be quiet be with yourself don’t be in touch with the outside world for some time and be in silence be with your inner self and you will get a good amount of strength and energy and knowledge from within and you will see that how successfully you would move ahead to achieve which is unachievable which you find and so go on trying to go on living a life systematically and be successful


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By Anrudh

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