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Naruto(Naruto Uzumaki)


Here we are going to start with the tails of Naruto Uzumaki he was just a young boy in the hidden leaf village where is sites many Ninja. Actually there were five kages who were extremely powerful extremely powerful and these cargaz were living like competitors among different different hidden villages such as Hidden Village of leaves Hidden Village of water hidden which is a land head in village of see Hidden Village of birds Hidden Village of tea et cetera.

Since his childhood Naruto was abundant and looked down by his villagers because he had the fears beast named The Nine tail Fox seeled inside him who was actually capable of destroying the whole village single handedly but somehow the 4th hokage ( the title given to the strongest Ninja in the hidden leaf village) managed to seal the ninetail fox inside Naruto. While performing this task the 4th Hokage could not survive. His last wishes were that Naruto should be seen as a hero and he should become a great shinobi or Ninja when he grew up but the wishes were not fulfill as Naruto was disliked by all as they believed him to be the ninetaled fox he was an orphan who was looked down upon by everyone ill treated by his classmates in the school where they taught young children how to be a great shinobi one day. Though through his entire school life Naruto was not such a bright student but still he tried very hard he tried so much that another student of his class named Hinata was deeply mood by his hard work and the way his character. How hard Naruto my try there was one kind of jutsu ( Ninja technique ) that he was not able to perform which was cloning jutsu which was alt for three consecutive years in his last year to become a shinobi with the rank of a gaining since he was not good at it he had to repeat his training from the start which made him very upset one of his sensies(teacher) Mizuki sensie asked him to steal a thing from the third hukage’s place who was actually the only remaining at that time.

However, Naruto was able to steal that thing which was actually a scroll of secret techniques of that village the Mizuki actually waste to betray the hiddenly village and go to person who was the biggest enemy of that village his name was Orochimaru. While the teacher could come there Naruto had actually learn one of the greatest trick which always made him powerful. The third hokage had sent people searching for Naruto and the scroll before it gets into the hand of their villages enemy quickly when he comes to know about it.

Among the people who were sent by the third hook aage was narutosh class teacher named Iruka sensie (teacher) who was his favourite teacher as well as Naruto was his favourite student tho kas parents were killed by the ninetailed fox Iruka never believed that Naruto Naruto was the one who did it Iruka was the one who saw Naruto grew up all alone fighting just for his dream, which was to be respected by everyone and becoming a hokage himself one day.

When Mizuki told Naruto about his plan for treachury to the village Naruto strongly resisted it. He not only ask the teacher to stop this but also tried to defend the scroll from him since Naruto was on where are the fact that the spirit of the demon ninetilled Fox reside inside him Mizuki told him about this and now it was all clear to Naruto that why we re everyone treating him like this in between all this Iruka came then when he got to know about Mizuki’s plan he tried to stop him and had a great fight with him in which he was was badly injured and lost seeing all this Naruto became very angry and with his powerful jutsu of multi Shadow clone he defeated Mizuki and rescued Iruka and the scroll back to the village.

Seeing it incredible performance of his power and the fact that he was just a child who got carried away by the misguidance of his teacher Naruto was not punished but was given an award for saving his teacher’s life with the title of chunin which he was struggling for and now he had mastered that Shadow clone jutsu which was his weakest point once with this he passed the high school for the training of becoming a Ninja.

Now since Naruto had became a Ninja his life was now going to be on a whole new difficult level then it was before as now he had to perform many duties and missions assigned to him which were very risky and on each and every mission there was a risk of losing his life for the sake of the mission. Where he would be making new friends and foes. With this burden that he was having a demon inside him we will see how Naruto will fulfill his dream to be a hokage someday.

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