Sun. Jun 4th, 2023


A very happy New Year to each one of you. Towards the end of year, we start planning for the next year. We have lots of planning.

We have resolutions. We plan for certain other things like I would go for walk every day in the morning or I would come back to my shape again or I would do certain exercises regularly or I would try and see that I traveled here and there.

I would read certain books and so on and so forth. The plannings are endless. We do this every year, but I would suggest that this year we would do something new, something that makes you think of others before you. So I want you to make some effort to reconnect with someone you have not been connected with for a long time.

We often lose touch with our old friends and even family members for a long time. We are always preoccupied with so many things which we want to move ahead with our life that we forget the connection with those people with whom we had so many pleasant memories in part.

So this year we connect with someone with whom you had pleasant memory in the past. So how do we reconnect with someone with whom we have lost touch with? It is very simple. All we have to do is to say Hello. Yes. Call someone to say Hello. Hi and ask how they are doing this much is enough to begin the conversation with someone due to the advancement of technology.


Nowadays we have many ways to connect each other. Go ahead and connect. Find out how they are, how they are doing. This is a lovely gesture which should come from you. This may sound very simple and may appear very small gestures, but this is definitely going to help you in the long run.

It will stimulate serotonin, a hormone in your body which would have a very positive effect in your cell.

We generally get absorbed in our personal work and worries throughout the year. We lose touch with people who were at sometimes most important part of your life this new year.

Why not get in touch with them? So get in touch with a long-lost friend and start the year off with a lovely and kind note.

Let 2022 be the year where we are connecting again with old friends, families. You are expanding yourself. You are spreading joy and love to others, not just thinking about you, your pain and your suffering, or your growth and your money. But you are thinking for others and joining them again with you in your life.

And this would be fantastic. Try and live life definitely for yourself, but live life for others. Bring others together. Come bring the world together with your whole world.

Is your family. Remember and move ahead in your life. So wish you all the best again.

Lots of love to you.



By Anrudh

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