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The day of “Vijaya Dashmi” also known as “Dusherra”. Its an Indian Hindu festival celebrated usually on the tenth day of Navratri hence, giving it the name of Vijaya Dashmi or Dusherra.

This festival is celbrated on the event when Lord Rama ended the reign of the mighty Ravana from feared all gods, monsters and humans. He was the king of Lanka currenty Shri Lanka, one of the greatest devoty of “Lord Shiva the destroyer”. He was so strong that he was once refered carrying a whole palace made gold on his one one palm, he was refered in The Ramayana the he made all the nav graha come at a specific place at time of his son’s brith so as to make him strong and immortal from birth, when Lord Shunny didn’t performed as he said he even captured him as his slave for several months. ravana was not only very strong but he was also the one amoung the smartest preists of time he was belived to be so smart that he he was also called as “Dashanand” which means ten headed, which literely showed that he his smartness and presence of mind was equivalent to that of ten people combined.

Even after he was so strong and smart he was doomed because of his one single mistake and his pride that mistake was to kidnap Goddess Sita just because he got carried away by her bueaty. And his persistance not to return Goddess Sita even when his elder asked him to do so, his wife begged him for the same, his brother Vibhishand when asked him to the same continuously then Ravana got his broyher throw out of his empire, he was so persitanat that he did not returned Goddess Sita when Lord Rama brought a war at his doorsteps even after so many chances even from Lord Rama that he was granted he refused to all that just for the sake of his pride.

Actually this all started when Lord Rama was about to become the king of the empire of Ayodhaya his thrid mother(Kekai) asked for a promise form Dashrath( Lord Rama’s father and her husband) for sending him to the forest for fourteen years leading a clear way for her son and the younger brother of Lord Rama “Bharat”. While Dashratha was bound to fulfill this wish ofher wife he asked Lord Rama to leave the empire for fourteen years. Being an ideal son Lord Rama acceted what was said by his father he left Ayodhaya to the forest with his wife Goddess Sita and another younger brother Lakhshman.

While they were living out there in the dense forest living the like saints one day Goddess Sita sawa golden dear and when she raised a desire in front of Lord Rama for having the deer, he quickly rushed to fulfill his wife’s wish leaving his younger brother Lakhshman behind to gaurd Goddess Sita in his abscence. When Lord Rama hit the deer the deer with his arrow the deer turned out to be a monster who houted the name of Lord Rama’s brother and Goddess Sita in pain which made Lakhashman belive that it was actually Lord Rama. So he put a barrier around the cottage and left for Lord Rama’s help leving Goddess Sita all by her own. And this was the moment when Ravana disguised as a saint kidnapped Goddess Sita to make her his own.

After that when Lord Rama come to to know of this he planned to find the hidden empire of Lanka and to get Goddess Sita back from Ravana.

Lord Rama joined hands whith the forces of apes with the leader named Sugrive and it was then he found his ultimate devote Lord Hanuman, who found the hidden empire of Lanka and helped lord Rama to win the war.

So this was the day when Lord Rama defeated the Mighty Ravana and got Goddess Sita back. Since then this this day is celebrated as Dusshera, on this we all burn the statue of Ravana along with the darkness and negative energy filled inside our hearts. In many places around the country this Ravana burning ceremony is accompanied with a carnival were people of all the age groups come together and enjoy with there friends and family.

By Anrudh

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