Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

What Is The Formula Of HAPPINESS ? is it a lot of money. Well, if it was money, then why the most wealthiest people are also looking for happiness or going far away from hustle and bustle of daily life, but someone might sit in the beautiful scenic. location and yet worrying about his tension and problem over there. But someone might come back after shopping lots and lots of things and yet feel unhappy.


Well, then what is that which makes one really feel happy, when it comes to happiness, there is a trick, which many people overlook, they believe that happiness can be found by Obtaining or attaining many things, but they overlook the fact that True Happiness. is found is GIVING.



Yes, the formula of Happiness is GIVING SELFLESSLY even the research say that giving money to someone who needs money, increase the happiness of the person who is giver, then buying a variety of things for his own self. Giving has the ability to activate the brain areas connected to PLEASURE, SOCIAL CONNECTION, and TRUST. If you observe, many people who are happy all the time, you will find one common thing in them, and that is, they give priority to others than themselves, these

people are not clinging to their opinion, They respect others viewpoints and they take into consideration, their viewpoints too. They are not focused only on lifting themselves. Their actions are such that they uplift others along with themselves, Each deed is based on the foundation of how to help others, they give, in every way possible,  be it their social work or the product that can help others, the solution to resolve conflicts donation to a charity or volunteering their time and much more.


So, If you want to be Happy, then implement this simple formula in day-to-day life. First things in the morning, when you wake up – BE GRATEFUL  for your life, because today is the opportunity to help others, ensure that today will be the day, where you would be working towards prioritizing other’s needs,

In every action you do, look for those small little ways, in which you can try and do something good to others in their life. But, for you might be a small gesture, but for the one who is receiving, it would be a great thing. Simple day-to-day activity, where you can implement the thought of putting others before your need into helping in-home chores so that your mom, or helpers, or your partner’s burden is reduced at work, give others a chance to speak and share their ideas before you push your ideas, impose your ideas on others.

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Out of your earnings. give at least 1% to the needy, donate for the welfare and upliftment of people, who are left out in society. In your society take responsibility to bring improvement, be it a cleanliness drive in your neighborhood or an event to educate people about social service and so on. Only once you give, you will realize – WHAT IS TRUE HAPPINESS.

Each person is different and each person’s HAPPINESS factor also is different. so begin or any of these simple actions, and you will gradually experience – WHAT A REAL PURE HAPPINESS IS?

What is the value of giving? what is the value of sharing ?- It may be thought, it may be money? or it may be time? it may be anything? But always think of others, when you are thinking for yourself, always think about what you can do for others?, Always see what you can do in any given situation rather than sitting and being busy in your work.

Try and live this life, and you will definitely find REAL HAPPINESS

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